Guns & Sporting Goods

Our extensive sporting goods department carries a robust supply of guns, ammunition, and accessories. The lines we stock are backed by know-how that produces superior merchandise of excellent craftsmanship, performance, and reliability. Our experienced people will share their expertise with you in the comfortable, friendly surroundings here at Alexander’s .

No matter what your firearm needs — target and clay shooting, hunting for a trophy buck, competition sports, or personal defense — you want precision performance, reliable safety features, and tried-and-true craftsmanship. And that’s what you’ll find at Alexander’s Sporting Goods department. We want to be your source for shooting sports and security.


We carry firearms suitable for sport and protection:

  • Smith & Wesson

  • Remington

  • Taurus

  • Mossberg

  • Beretta

  • Henry

  • Kimber

  • Colt


We’ve selected ammunition that’s precision-crafted for accuracy:

  • Hornady

  • Winchester

  • Federal

  • Remington

  • Civil Defense

Gun Safes

With rights also comes responsibility. We are an authorized dealer of :

  • Liberty Gun Safes

  • Browning Gun Safes